Lockergreen Ltd aims to inspire people with the latest developments and spread these new products in the market.

BubbleLand is a special project in this category. This is the place where children’s self-indulgent fun merges with skill development. All BubbleLand’s elements are developmental games. The devices develop the following abilities for children: intelligence, fine motor skills of the hands, correct breathing, thus clear speech, and the ability to concentrate. The “training” machines also have a developing effect on the muscles. In addition, the group devices help their ability to collaborate with others.

Because of the above qualities we decided to offer this complex playhouse to our partners in a franchise system, thus guaranteeing a consistent quality of service to the partners with a long period of support.

It’s not just business, it’s a commitment to the future and development of our kids.

That is why we recommend it not only for for-profit environments but also for kindergartens, schools, and hospitals.