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Soap bubbles have been used as entertainment for at least 400 years, as evidenced by 17th-century Flemish paintings in which children blow bubbles with clay poppies. The London-based company A. & F. Pears created a famous advertising campaign for its soaps in 1886 with a painting by John Everett Millais of a child playing with bubbles. The Chicago company Chemtoy started selling the bubble solution in the 1940s, and the bubble solution has been popular with children ever since. According to an industry estimate, retailers sell about 200 million bottles of bubble soap a year. is an unconventional playhouse based on the very popular bubble theme. Each element of the playhouse produces soap bubbles in different forms and degrees. It also has surprising elements such as a room bike and trampoline, etc. This type of playhouse is not yet found in Europe, it is completely free of competition. is one such attractive piece of investment!